Crane Story…

(This was passed on from Judith, who asked that this be posted on the website)

For many years colorful strings of cranes hung in a corner of my office.  When my office was moved to a new location, the birds moved with me.  It was the last thing I took with me when I retired (Just last June).  I gave only one string, to a sensitive colleague that asked for it.   I placed them in my office a few days after Veronica had given me some, at the time when she was just starting the long, difficult journey of adjustment to a new way to live her life.   I met the little girl that had dedicated so much time and effort on these birds just once., at your house…I never forgot her.  Quietly and sweetly, she made a demonstration….that I certainly was not able to follow.

Years went by.  The birds called the attention of everyone that entered my small office. I explained many times  the message and meaning of these origami birds.  People from all over the world and ways of life would often stop by my office on the business of enrolling their children in school…. Many were curious about the unusual string of birds decorating my office.  Many were moved by the story.   But the person that never ceased to look at the string of birds, and be inspired by them, and feel stronger and able to cope with whatever life would bring was me.  For me, the birds spelled PEACE, HOPE, COURAGE, FAITH.

I would like that little girl that now is a young sweet woman in need of healing, that not a day passes by without my thoughts and prayers.  I want her to know that I wish that all the good that every single fold of every bird represents, and that she brought to our lives, and to the lives of all those inspired by her message, *be brought back to her* and be a source of comfort and healing during this challenging time.

Many, many thanks to Kirby, from this mother that was fortunate to share from her generous gift to her daughter.  I will be working on my own string of love for you, Kirby.  May God bless you.

Veronica’s mom


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  1. Nanette
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 14:41:48

    Echoing Veronica’s mom, I too received dozens of strings from Kirby and her mom, when I so needed them. They hung for so long in the rooms of my house. Each time I passed them, I would think of the healing brought into our home and lives by Kirby and Judith. Now, these cranes are sent back to you, Kirby, so that you may heal too. May they fly with love and peace into your beautiful heart. Love, Nanette


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