Kirby’s Playlist

During this adventure one way that Kirby has kept her spirits up is by coming up with theme song titles that narrate what’s going on.  She thinks about it as her playlist.  Here is the list: please feel free to send in words and scores.

Album Name: Sick in the City

Band Name:  Birds and Band-Aids

1)      Saturday Night in the ER

2)      Walking through the Pain

3)      Tuesday Morning in the ER again (Part Two)

4)      Cut Me to the Tunes of Abby Road

5)      The Orange Food Group (liquid diet at Mt. Sinai)

6)      A Bump in the Road = Pain

7)      Taxi, Taxi, Please Drive Slow!

8)      Graphing the Pain Away! (this is for you Mom)

9)      No, No, No…Please Don’t Call

10)  Saturday Night in the ER again (Part Three)

11)  Eating more than Fruits and Leaves

12)  Nap Time, Nap Time, Everybody Loves Nap Time

13)  No Crying in My Office

14)  Chin up Dude!  (this is for you Dad)

15)  Sick in New York City

16)  Just A Little Chemo, You Gonna Be Alright

17)  Kirby Can’t Carry No Bags

18)  Brown Bag, Green Bag, Blue Bag, Suitcase, and Old Bag to the Train



Album Name: Escape from the Hospital Center

Band Name:  Birds and Band-Aids

1)      How nice you are, it makes me cry

2)      Bruises blueses

3)      Balancing the Energy

4)      Prick me baby one more time…

5)      Taking my blood away

6)      Can’t keep my eyes on you..zzzz

7)      Bunch of old ditties sitting in the mash-o-gram waiting room

8)      Med bag lock out

9)      I’m not taking no pills ‘till you tell me why

10)  It’s hugs that make me cry

11)  Let’s trade magazines for discharge papers

12)  Home, home, home at last

13)  Sleeping through the night

14)  Healing hands and healing paws

15)  The fridge is full so Take that food away

16)  Zen counters wipe ‘em down

17)  Good days and the weather is fine

18)  Out and about and the weather is fine




Album Name: DC R&R Didn’t Turn Out the Way We Planned

Band Name:  Birds and Band-Aids


1)      Gettin’ Better All the Time

2)      Pain, Pain, Pain, Again 😦

3)      Saturday Morning in the ER (Part Four)

4)      Hot He Nurse and Sweet Doc

5)      I Missspoke and Said the Right Thing at the Wrong Time

6)      New Scan, Bad Scan, Back Again

7)      Looking High and Looking Low, Scan Me Poke Me Let Me Go

8)      Dark Chocolate To Keep The Nurses Sweet

9)      Being Nauseas All the Time

10)  Getting By With A Lot Of Help From A Lot Of Friends

11)  Blog Me, Don’t Call Me, And I’ll Be There

12)  Hospital Bubble: “What? Baseball Season Ended?!”

13)  Staggering About…In the Middle of the Night

14)  Making a Bucket List and Checking it Twice

15)  Folding Cranes, Sorting Cranes, Stringing Cranes, Cranes Come Home To Roost

16)  Cold in the Morning and Hot in the Afternoon

17)  Grouchy Time, Nap Time

18)  When In Doubt, Put it out (The Pain)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yael
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 12:15:45

    these are great. i’ll be trying to think up lyrics as i travel this weekend. ❤


  2. Tom S.
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 16:40:20

    Hey KC — now we have to start writing the lyrics and laying out the chord progressions.

    BTW — had lunch with Bill Boss yesterday and he asked me to give you his best wishes.



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