Kirby received a chemo treatment on Friday with a new chemo agent.  Because we have no history with this one,  didn’t know how and when the side effects would hit, and because we got an interview appointment at NIH on Wednesday we decided to stay in DC for our vacation.  It is very comfortable here and when I (Robert)  heard we weren’t going to Florida I breathed a little sign of relief.  Even under the best of conditions all travel is a little stressful.

p.s. For a real treat go to the Guestbook page and look at the cranemation created by Lili and posted on 12 December 2011.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elana
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 18:50:20

    Good! Then I hope I get to see you all shortly (if you’re feeling up for visitors, of course).

    Much love….


  2. Becca
    Dec 21, 2011 @ 22:55:58

    Hope it went well at NIH…can’t wait to see you soon!
    Hugs and love,


  3. regina
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 21:29:23

    Hi Kirby!
    I wanted to let you know my Christmas tree has origami cranes. I made a few one night for you and put them in the tree and my roommates loved the idea and made more to put on the tree. They will come to you once the holidays end!


  4. Abby B
    Dec 24, 2011 @ 15:53:46

    Hope the appointment at NIH went well. Thought of you last night and the 3-D Chanukkah glasses as we lit our menorah with a dozen others at temple.


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